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Practicing Mindfulness

Going through self help dialectical behavior therapy online…. this struck me: We only have to live this one second, so if you’ve got to suffer it makes a lot more sense, suffer this moment. Just one moment; just this moment…. Continue Reading →

State of Mind

{ not appreciating the quick draft as opposed to quick post we used to have on wordpress… if someone knows how to fix that, plz let me know } SOOOO Where am I right now? Limbo. I don’t want to… Continue Reading →

Labeled Disabled

Could I be labeled as disabled and get disability? Probably. Do I want that to be my life? No. I already feel so broken that I am unsure if I can be fixed. I already feel helpless and hopeless to… Continue Reading →

Ready to start the IV

With the way people are getting…with the way things are going…I am about ready to hook up to the drug train and let them drug me into “happiness”. At least then I will hold up to the scrutiny that is… Continue Reading →

Resurrection of the beast

In recent months, I have had a very impromptu resurrection of the Borderline Beast. I am also in counseling dealing with it right now. My counselor has stated that she has seen me spiraling and is now focusing on stopping… Continue Reading →


After the ordeals we have gone through … How could I possibly have any pride left? Feeling like we’ve been wronged…is that pride? Is it pride to think that we should be treated better? Is it pride to want better… Continue Reading →

Let’s be honest

Some of us have prayed to God to kill us so we won’t go to hell for killing ourselves…

Depression contingent on others

I abhor how my bouts of depression are partially contingent on the treatment I receive from others.

Christ based program about depression

Can Your Thoughts Really Destroy You and Your Family? My answer: YES. Listen to this podcast…

In the weeds once again

This time it’s more of a fight than it has been…almost ever…I would fathom. Why? Well because this time I have no physical way out. I don’t cut anymore. I don’t hurt myself when I’m overwhelmed. I don’t drink. I… Continue Reading →

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