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I didn’t know that doctors were using Risperdal to treat Schizophrenia. I am not surprised, however, that many people who use the different drugs mentioned in the press release video are discontinuing use due to the side effects.

This is just one of the videos that I have found in The News Room. They have plenty of relevant news stories and press releases. I was impressed to see two full health related sections on the site.

I just signed up for an account today and it took less than a minute. It’s free and you can make money using the Mash button to embed videos on your site. The more people watch them, the more you get paid. Their pay scale is rather generous as compared to many other sites on the Internet. The News Room also gives away prizes to users through their Loyalty Program.

There are other feeds on the site, as well. You can see entertainment news, local or global news, even coverage for the 2008 elections. I would say that this is one site that you really should go see for yourself. They are adding new content every day. I am definitely keeping an eye out for more health news as it pertains to this blog.

Thoughts: The road to the pole

My good friend Fave has piqued my interest with his post about strippers. He poses a question that really needs to be answered:

I would often look into (the strippers’) eyes and wonder what brought them there…how is their road to the pole paved?

I can give you a clue as to what paves the way for women to go to the pole. The major factor: MONEY. Obviously they are there to make a living. What kind of living? Well, that all depends.
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New! Mental Health Chat at BPS

I was asked to take a look at Mental Health chat rooms and give my honest review. I decided that the best way to go about it was to start a chat and experience the whole process for myself. Hence why I have just started a new feature here at A chat room. It’s the Bulletproof Souls chat and it’s located on a server that offers free chat rooms, forums, and web radio. This is specifically for support groups, so I had to sign up. It was the easiest creation of a site that I have ever experienced. All I did was name the room something unique and VOILA! A link to our own chat room.

There are other MH Chat rooms available, as well. The featured chat right now is the Phobia Chat. I was just over there getting to know the people. I love the chat room. The people there are so understanding and open. I am definitely going to be a regular in their chat room. Make sure you also check out the forums and radio broadcasts that are available that deal with phobias.

The website itself offers a list of helpful sites and stats for the site. I think it’s a great feature, as it allows the users to get a more rounded view of the things that concern them. I discovered a few helpful websites through their list. I hope they continue to update that feature. You just don’t know how many more places you can find on the Internet that will help you through your hard times. It helps to have a list of sites right at your fingertips.

The chat room is easy to use, too. It’s IRC based, so you won’t get the fancy little graphics and buttons like you would on a Java based service. Who needs bells and whistles when you have such quality chatting going on? I forgot all about the smilies and text colors once I got involved chatting.

In the future, it might be a nice touch for them to add those types of bells and whistles. Right now, the interface is good for support groups. You need more function than fancy for things like that. I am glad that I was asked to take a look at the rooms and what the site has to offer. I am always looking for good chat rooms to get involved in, especially since needing so much support for myself of late. I highly recommend that you check out the rooms, too.