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Counseling in Washington State

I just recently learned about a ministry in Washington State that is spreading its influence closer to where I reside. I had to think about what types of resources would be available for the people in the area as they… Continue Reading →

Spectacular depression

I am falling into a spectacular bout of depression triggered by the realization of how much control I actually have over what happens in my life. Sounds stupid, right? But it’s true. There are certain things in my life that… Continue Reading →

Rehab the right way

This is about a life change, a life choice…a real way to stop your world from crumbling down around you. You have to make the decision to internalize what you learn from addiction treatment, and make it your own. You have to truly become one with the program.

City Depression

Being out here is like being in jail to an extent. I wish I could get my husband to understand that. He thinks I can just walk around NY with our son with no problem whatsoever. I mean, we ARE… Continue Reading →

Panic attacks aplenty

I have been having more frequent panic attacks than ever in recent weeks. This week has been the worst and I don’t really expect next week to get any better. I am so stressed about this move to New York… Continue Reading →

The Meltdown: Sexual Affliction

Today I deal with some issues in the news and the sexual affliction that periodically plagues me and my relationship. Mentioned in the podcast: Stuck with the Stigma Treatment for Borderline Study about genetics Natural remedies for bipolar and depression… Continue Reading →

The Meltdown Podcast: Depression Monster

In this return episode of The Meltdown Podcast, I talk about depression rearing its ugly head. I also have a little chatter about women’s issues *sorry guys* toward the end. There are a lot of things going on in my… Continue Reading →

Podcast returning soon

I know you have probably been missing it, and so have I. It has been so hectic over here that my brain has not had time to really focus on any one thing really. I hope that you will continue… Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Sacrifice

I have lead a life full of sacrifice, it seems. You would think I would be used to it by now, but I am not. I know that the things that we are doing right now come with a lot… Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Tired of people

There are times when I get tired of being around people. Some may call me a sociophobe or even a sociopath at times. I come to intervals in my life when all I want to do is be alone and… Continue Reading →

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